Weathertop Farm

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Weathertop Farm is proud to offer “Satisfied Protein” on their regenerative farm rooted in rotational grazing and soil stewardship. Cattle are moved to new pasture twice a day and never fed grain. Their farrow to finish pork operation keeps the hogs rotating through pasture and forest year round. Turkeys forage the pastures and hunt insects as they are moved to fresh grass daily. Sheep are 100% grass-fed and rotated through the farm fields from lamb to finish. And broiler chickens are pasture-raised outdoors on grass and moved daily.

Pastures are free of chemicals and livestock are fed only non-gmo feed. Some products are available year-round, some seasonally, some by pre-order.

Floyd Farm Trail

Farm: Weathertop Farm
Address: 963 Eanes Rd NE, Check, VA 24072
Facebook: @WeathertopFarmLLC

Please call before visiting.
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