Spikenard Farms Honeybee Sanctuary

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Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary was founded in the certainty that there can be a better future for the Honeybee. Our vision and commitment is to create a place of beauty and harmony in a biodynamically invigorated landscape in which the human beings, plants and animals create the necessary sheaths of protection, care and healing for all.

We call this place a sanctuary rather than an apiary because we know that treating the honeybees with respect for their own needs, protecting and nourishing them will make them vital and strong to withstand the impact of our modern civilization. Our beekeeping methods are not driven by a financial bottom line. Although it is not a profit-making endeavor, we lovingly and respectfully receive their gifts of honey, wax, propolis and pollen. We are, however, strictly against harvesting royal jelly. Millions of queens are raised all over the world and killed in the larva state in order to harvest this queen food.

Our focus is to practice and continue developing sustainable beekeeping methods which are taught in workshops, lectures and articles. Sustainability can only be attained when we work with, and not against, the laws of life inherent in nature. When we work with the animal kingdom, this means basing one’s care and methods on a deep understanding of the specific animal’s unique needs as directed by its instinctual wisdom.

Floyd Farm Trail

Farm: Spikenard Farms Honeybee Sanctuary
Address: 401 Hideaway Ln, Floyd, VA 24091
Email: info@spikenardfarm.org
Website: spikenardfarm.org
Facebook: @SpikenardHoneybees

Open to visitors during open days and public events. View Calendar of Events.
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