I-Tal Acres, LLC Medicinal Herb Farm & Apothecary

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I-TAL ACRES is a medicinal herb farm and apothecary, cultivating and wild-harvesting over 115 species of medicinal plants in food forest style gardens and woodlands. They offer plant seedlings and an incredibly diverse line of herbal products, including tinctures, salves, oils, sprays, toothpaste, and hot sauce. They also offer classes/workshops/plant identification walks/farm tours.

“I-TAL Acres is a small family farm business dedicated to being the change we wish to see in the world. Nature provides – Abundantly.  But nature is under assault. We all depend on plants. So, like our ancestors, we look to the plants for answers. Mortgages, possessions, and desk jobs were cathartically replaced by a tipi (followed by a cabin) on land in the mountains, growing our own food and medicine.”

Virginia is for Medicinal Herb Lovers! One Love!

Floyd Farm Trail

Farm: I-TAL Acres
Address: 1663 Diamond Knob Rd., Check, VA 24072
Phone: (540)553-4023
Email: italacres@gmail.com
Website: italacres.com
Facebook: @italacres

Please call before visiting.
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