Green Wood Wizard

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Green Wood Wizard produces grafted, hand-carved, wooden rings, suitable for commemorating a wedding vow or other special commitment with a sustainably crafted, “green” ring.

Rings are patiently shaped and grafted on the property at Green Wood. All rings are pruned for harvest without harming the tree. Each ring is meaningfully unique, a one-of-a-kind story in tree-time.

Green Wood Wizard offers tours of the tree ring grove by appointment only, year round. To see the actual tying of rings, tours must be in the Spring. Visit the Tree Ring Grove with our Wizard of the Green Wood on YouTube.

Floyd Farm Trail

Farm: Green Wood Wizard
Address: 121 Turtle Rock Dr., Floyd, VA 24091
Phone: (540)745-5994
Facebook: @greenwoodwizard

Please call before visiting.
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