Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit any farm whenever I want?

You cannot visit any farm whenever you want. Farmers love visitors, but they prefer a little bit of a heads-up! Please do not arrive unless at specific events or without calling ahead first or checking the farm’s open hours.

What events are happening right now at farms?

Visit our events calendar to learn what events are happening. You may also reach out via email at to inquire about any particular event you may not see listed.

What do I wear and do while visiting a farm?

Appropriate farm attire includes casual closed-toed shoes, a raincoat depending on the weather, and sunscreen. Please also follow all safety rules and common sense guidelines such as closing all gates behind you, being careful with any plants, and acting calmly around any animals.

Does it cost anything to go on the Floyd Farm Trail?

It does not! The Floyd Farm Trail itself and everything on this website are free for you to access! You will have to pay for your own travel expenses. The farms themselves may charge for a particular event, but that will be decided by them.

Can I find this farm at the Floyd Farmers Market?

Many of our farms listed on the Floyd Farm Trail are vendors at the Floyd Farmers Market. The Market is held on Thursday’s from 3pm-7pm May-Oct , and every Saturday from 9am-1pm year round. You can view a complete list of vendors at the Farmers Market by clicking here.

How many farms can you visit in one day?

On a scale from 1-10, how ambitious are you? Jokes aside, the farms listed on our trail span throughout Floyd County. To plan a trip, you’ll need to know what events are currently happening and you’ll need to check each farm for their open hours. We suggest that visiting 2-3 farms in one day leaves lots of room for conversations, naps, and eating delicious local food.

How does my visit to a farm support them?

Visiting a farm and establishing a personal connection to the farmers helps boost local knowledge of their work, as does following their pages on social media, purchasing their products, and sharing all about your time with your friends.

Can my business be listed on the Farm Trail?

If interested in being listed on the Floyd Farm Trail, please send an email to

Still have questions? Feel free to email

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