Floyd EcoVillage Farm Store

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The Floyd Eco Village Farm is made up of three and a half cultivated acres of mixed vegetables, flowers and small fruits.  It is our mission to grow healthy nutrient dense food and for us that means no synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides!  Instead, soil balancing and soil re-minerilization are the tools we use.  By adopting the use of  cover crops, inoculating the soil with beneficial microbes and composting we are able to help create a healthy ecosystem.

A healthy soil will make a healthy plant but the antithesis is true as well.  A healthy plant can create healthy soil.  Plants create a beneficial symbiotic relationship with soil microorganisms in which a healthy plant feeds the soil life and in turn the soil life feeds the plant. A healthy plant will be able to photosynthesize more efficiently, thus sending more sugar down to its root zone helping to insure a healthier soil life. Understanding how this relationship works allows us to focus not only on soil health but also plant health.

Currently, Floyd EcoVillage sells their produce at their Farm Store, at Farmer’s Markets, to local wholesalers and to the many spirited locavores supporting Floyd County growers in the form of a CSA. The Farm Store is now Open during Daylight hours. Stop in and checkout the freshest produce in town!

Floyd Farm Trail

Farm: Floyd EcoVillage Farm Store
Address: 188 EcoVillage Trail, Floyd, VA 24091
Phone: 844-851-5963 (toll-free)
Email: courtney@floydecovillage.com
Website: floydecovillage.com
Facebook: @floydecovillagefarm

Please call before visiting.
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